Friday, September 16, 2011

Behave: New services to change travel behaviours

Why do people use cars for short journeys when there are more sustainable alternatives?

Behave: New services to change travel behaviours from Lucy Kimbell on Vimeo.

This short film proposes new service concepts to change the travel behaviours of car owners for short journeys. The ideas were created in a two-day workshop held in Oxford in 2011, by mixed teams of MBAs, MDes and MSc students.

Focussed on the Oxfordshire town of Bicester, the project is based in the idea that 'travel behaviours' cannot be separated from other social practices. The film suggests that shifting towards new travel behaviours involves creating new combinations of meanings and stories, infrastructure and stuff, skills and competences, and emotions.

This collaborative project involved 55 students including MBAs taking my elective in Designing Better Futures at Said Business School, University of Oxford; students on the MDes Innovation and Creativity in Industry at London College of Communication at University of the Arts, London, and students on the MSc Environment Change and Management at the University of Oxford.

Collaborators included travel planners from Oxfordshire County Council.

The film and workshop were financially supported by Samsung Design Europe.

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