Thursday, May 10, 2012

New artwork in the Glitch festival at RUA RED, Dublin, opening tomorrow

I've made a new version my LIX Index performance index and made a new gallery work for the Glitch festival at RUARED, the South Dublin Arts Centre, in Tallaght, which opens tomorrow.

When I have photos from the gallery I'll upload them here and also describe why I've remade the LIX ten years after I updated data weekly for a year, now reworked for the era of the Quantified Self, ubiquitous computing and data privacy. The new version of the LIX project will be live in a few days at

For now, below are a couple of shots of the new gallery piece Untitled (I measure therefore I am). It's a phrase I used across a few projects I created including the first version of the LIX Index  (2002-03), my book Audit (2002) and the Physical Bar Charts (2005-).

What I have done is assemble keys from old keyboards, phones, remote controls and calculators and cast them into letters using polyester resin.

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